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Oracle 10g Support for RDF

My new job is a lot of "decision support" and "knowledge assessment". This means I can pull out my bag of RDF tricks again to see how I can help the company with metadata models and inferencing.

To that end, I began poking and proding the RDF landscape again to see if any viable products pop up. Being an Oracle shop, the first thing I did was try Oracle 10g with its support for RDF on top of Oracle Spatial and their Network Data Model.

After a few days of playing with it, here's what I know. It allows me to store RDF as triples directly in the database. It does this by providing a set of procedures and views that extend their Oracle Spatial functionality. Oracle Network Data Model already knows how to store graphs, so it was a logical extension to support RDF (which is a directed graph).

There are procedures provided to search the RDF models with a language that looks like a bit like SPARQL. However, only the graph pattern matching parts ((?x :parentOf ?y)) …