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Aloha on Rails Debrief


I wanted to drop some knowledge in the hopes that it might help others with their own conference. Here's
what I learned from putting on Aloha on Rails:

* People wait until the last minute to sign up. I thought I knew what
this meant, but it's quite literal. Certainly, people signed up with
the early bird discounts, but I had signups all the way through the

* I sent out marketing "care packages" to user groups (including
posters and hawaiian chocolates), however I don't get the sense this
actually helped with registrations.

* Oddly enough, a lot of my marketing was through Twitter.

* I did exchange sponsorship for advertising with Ruby Row, and I know
that some people signed up because of those ads.

* I invested a lot in hiring and working with a professional Design
firm ( This helped make the conference look
professional and legitimate. I can't stress the importance of having
a professional firm handle production of badg…

Featured TechHui Techie for November

Aloha! I'm humbled to be November's Featured Techie on TechHui, the Hawaii Technology Community.

Thanks to Alex for the interview, and to Dan for putting together TechHui. It's great to see our island foster a vibrant community.