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HTML5 for Ruby Developers Slides

Aloha, I recently had the honor of presenting " HTML5 for the Ruby Developer " to the Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup on November 10, 2010. Here are the slides from that presentation: HTML5 for the Ruby Developer View more presentations from SV Ruby on Rails Meetup . I had a great time, thanks to all for coming!

13 Tips for a Great Chrome Web Store Listing Page

With the Chrome Web Store launching by the end of 2010, there's still just a bit of time to create a compelling, beautiful, and conversion generating store listing page.  To help, here are 13 tips to help make your Chrome Web Store listing page the best it can be. Create a great icon!  It should look professional and encapsulate the identity of your application.  Consult the image guidelines for examples and technical details.  Make sure the icon is clear and not pixelated. Multiple Screenshots!  Upload four to five different screenshots, each showing a different element of the app.  If your app is a game, make sure to upload screenshots showing gameplay!  Each screenshot should be 400x275 and should follow the image guidelines . Best screenshot first!  Make sure your most compelling, exciting, interesting screenshot is the first one. YouTube Movie!  A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 10 bajillion.  Create a short video which shows your app in actio