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Making your linux fonts look sharper

Semantic Web Trust and Security Resource Guide The security, trust and privacy issues that arise from the vision of the Semantic Web as a global information integration environment are mainly unsolved or even unrecognized. This resource guide collects papers, ontologies, schemata and standards that could be building blocks for a future Semantic Web Trust and Security Framework.

Java Remote Debugging On how to connect a remote debugger to a java process, from Adrian.

Northern Viginia Software Symposium If you have been looking for a software conference that focuses on the practical technical aspects of the J2EE, XML, Web Services, Agile Methodologies, Open Source and Best Practices, then you have found it here.

JSWAT A standalone debugger....

Now we know who to pray to when the proverbial shit hits the fan

Modeling One-To-Many Relationships With XML In this article, we'll discuss some options for implementing one-to-many relationships in XML. We'll consider three different techniques: Containment relationship, Intra-document relationships, Inter-document relationships.

Practical RDF Chapters Up The chapters for the book are now up for review. In OpenOffice format.

Mapping Semantic Web Data with RDBMSes A public report on mapping triple stores and RDBMS concentrating on surveying the schemas used and discussing mapping approaches to and from relational schemas. It describes current best practice for using such systems for Semantic Web data including feature comparisons, recommendations for particular applications and advice on tradeoffs.

Video on Linux Oh, the fun continues. From Justin: "I am using Da SooPer1oR LUn1X! Thus, all media types are beyond my grasps."

802_11g Move over, 802.11b. It's 54Mbps and backwards compatible.

Metacrap Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia.

Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP This note describes a project for describing & retrieving (digitized) photos with (RDF) metadata. It describes the RDF schemas, a data-entry program for quickly entering metadata for large numbers of photos, a way to serve the photos and the metadata over HTTP, and some suggestions for search methods to retrieve photos based on their descriptions.

EJB Inheritance The holy grail.

Convert ints to byte arrays in Java The last example is my favorite way.

Jetty SSL woes ..

What do HTTP URIs Identify? However, the lack of very concise logical definition of such things had not been a problem, until the formal systems started to use them. There were no formal systems addressing this sort of issue (as far as I know, except for Dan Connolly's Larch work [@@]), until the Semantic Web introduced languages such as RDF which have well-defined logical properties and are used to describe (among other things) web operations.

State of the Union .. Not Good

3D printer anyone?

IBM aims to get smart about AI The theory underlying UIMA is the Combination Hypothesis, which states that statistical machine learning--the sort of data-ranking intelligence behind search site Google--syntactical artificial intelligence, and other techniques can be married in the relatively near future.

Redhat Linux vs Redhat Advanced Server Chart outlining the difference between the two.

Jboss 3_0_5 CHANGELOG

RDF Query Systems Document is intended to provide an understanding of the concepts and issues related to querying semantic web data.

Calculate Processor Usage How to calculate processor usage on Linux.

Free World Dialup Using broadband for free telephone communications.

Voter News Service: What Went Wrong?,3959,826676,00.asp After two humiliating technology failures, six major news services are disbanding VNS, a consortium formed to count votes and conduct Election Day surveys. How could the system have been overhauled before disaster struck twice?

RDF and XPath Using Jaxen (java xpath engine) and Jena (java rdf engine) to perform xpath queries on an RDF model. There are some queries it can't perform, but is a cool way to get info out of a RDF model using existing technologies.

FOAFNaut RDF visualization in SVG. Can visualize foaf models.

jWebUnit Makes testing webapps much easier than native JUnit/HttpUnit. It's a layer above those two. So easy, in fact, that I bet QA could write scripts that can parsed into code that gets generated and run. Speaking of, I bet someone has already done this.

Sun ONE Identity Server Sun[tm] ONE Identity Server 6.0 software is a standards-based product designed to help organizations manage secure access to Web and non Web-based applications both on the intranet and extranet.

Liberty Alliance The mission of the Liberty Alliance Project is to establish an open standard for federated network identity through open technical specifications.

eXtensible Access Control Markup Language From OASIS. XACML is an XML schema for representing authorization and entitlement policies. However, it is important to note that a compliant Policy Decision Point (PDP) may choose an entirely different representation for its internal evaluation and decision-making processes. That is, it is entirely permissible for XACML to be regarded simply as a policy interchange format, with any given implementation translating the XACML policy to its own local/native/proprietary/alternate policy language sometime prior to evaluation. XACML is expected to address fine grained control of authorized activities, the effect of characteristics of the access requestor, the protocol over which the request is made, authorization based on classes of activities, and content introspection (i.e. authorization based on both the requestor and potentially attribute values within the target where the values of the attributes may not be known to the poli

What I’ve been doing this week ..

Customized EJB security in JBoss Separate your security policy from your business logic.

Latent Semantic Indexing Promising technique for search engines. "Regular keyword searches approach a document collection with a kind of accountant mentality: a document contains a given word or it doesn't, with no middle ground. Latent semantic indexing adds an important step to the document indexing process. In addition to recording which keywords a document contains, the method examines the document collection as a whole, to see which other documents contain some of those same words. LSI considers documents that have many words in common to be semantically close, and ones with few words in common to be semantically distant."

Semantic Search Engine for Movable Type Just a beta/demo right now.

Inference in First Order Logic The process of deducing new conclusions from facts already known.

“Using computers was not much of an alternative,3959,826676,00.asp News organizations and other VNS subscribers were repeatedly instructed to log off their machines, so the new servers running BEA Systems' WebLogic application server could be rebooted. ". Yeah, we know how that goes. Should've used JBoss...

Semantic Web in Haiku The Semantic Web, takes up many syllables, but I struggle on.

First-Order Predicate Logic First-order logic permits reasoning about the propositional connectives (as in propositional logic) and also about quantification ("all" or "some"). RDF is, if I'm not mistaken (and I'm going down a path I've only begun to study) a FOPL language.

This is probably the easiest to use UML tool I’ve seen yet I bet it would work really well for use case and action diagrams. It will automatically generate class stubs in Java from diagrams, but unfortunately it only does it in reverse in C++.

Outsider’s Guide to the W3C FAQ on the W3C as an organization.

RESTLog RESTLog is a weblog application that tries to follow the REST architectural style. The application is completely defined by its interface and that interface in turn is completely described by HTTP transactions, the defined set of URLs, and the format of the XML files that are transferred.

How To Compare Uniform Resource Identifiers This document discusses issues concerning the comparison of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and documents common practice.

Version Control with CVS on Mac OS X

RDF Reification That's right. We use reification, and we're not afraid to say it!

Annozilla View and create annotations associated with a web page, as defined by the Annotea project.

RDF Annotations "By annotations we mean comments, notes, explanations, or other types of external remarks that can be attached to any Web document or a selected part of the document without actually needing to touch the document. When the user gets the document he or she can also load the annotations attached to it from a selected annotation server or several servers and see what his peer group thinks."

Kannel is an open source WAP gateway It attempts to provide this essential part of the WAP infrastructure freely to everyone so that the market potential for WAP services, both from wireless operators and specialized service providers, will be realized as efficiently as possible.Kannel also works as an SMS gateway for GSM networks. Almost all GSM phones can send and receive SMS messages, so this is a way to serve many more clients than just those using a new WAP phone.

Server + JSP Tests Test conformance of your servlet or jsp container.

The Game Machine Ooooh I want it!

RDFIG Geo vocab workspace Featuring a WGS84 Geo Positioning RDF vocabulary.

Instant Python Time to learn about Python, in 10 quick minutes. Pretty slick little language. Popular in the semweb crowd.

Adam’s New Girlfriend drool....

Juliet A really neat java source browsing tool.

RDF for “Little Languages” This note describes an experimental software development in which RDF/N3 is used to code query and report generation functions performed on RDF data.

Apps on the edge WILL MISSION-CRITICAL enterprise business logic someday reside on distributed application infrastructures rather than in corporate datacenters and thus span the globe to deliver improved performance? A recent flurry of announcements has put a spotlight on "edge computing" as the newest entrant in the race toward distributed computing, alongside grid computing, peer-to-peer architectures, and Web services. Microsoft and IBM have recently announced deals with companies such as Akamai and Exodus to distribute .Net and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) edge servers and related infrastructure software to hundreds of POPs (points of presence) worldwide, and are planning to launch edge application delivery services as early as this fall. Other CDNs (content delivery networks) such as Mirror Image, Volera, and InfoLibria are building out distributed POPs with J2EE and .Net capabilities and are planning to mark

Interesting whitepaper on using tuplespaces for a distributed pki system Or something.

CWM - Closed World Machine Popular semantic web program, written in Python, that sucks in RDF/XML, N3, and NTriples. It has a slick inference engine.

RDF Validator Draws pretty graph and displays triples.

Frameworks for Security and Trust Standards "Looking forward, we aim to develop ontologies, RDF vocabularies and rules for making trust assessments based on existing security standards and other available information, and use these to demonstrate ways to improve security and dependability in open networked systems."

How to Make Money from Videogames in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Trust and the Semantic Web Some work with foaf to set up a web of trust.

Writing JSP in XML From our friends at O'Reilly.


Minutes from the Jan 6, 2003 TAG teleconference.

This is a fantastic resource for using GPG.

An OWL ontology for OWL.

a very funny site

Brivo Systems homepage.

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