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Tim Bray Ranting

ongoing · The Challenge Another Tim Bray rant about RDF. Although, interesting sections on the history of RDF.

SeRDL from April 2003: SeRQL: new QL proposal implementation result set format After looking through it, it looks like something I'll want to try to implement. Many more constructs than regular RDQL.

DAML Query Language

DAML Query Language (April 2003)


MnM Homepage Ontology Driven Semi-Automatic and Automatic Support for Semantic Web. It's a browser and semantic markup device in one.

LBase: Semantics for Languages of the Semantic Web

LBase: Semantics for Languages of the Semantic Web Haven't read this one yet. Not sure it's gained any traction out there yet. It's been used in the RDF Model Theory document.

A better RDF Syntax?

A retrospective on the development of the RDF/XML Revised Syntax Good thoughts on where the RDF/XML syntax came from, and where it might go.

Common Logic Proposal

Common Logic Proposal An attempt to map different logic based languages so that they become interchangable.


OwlAndRdf - ESW Wiki DanBri's attempt at trying to explain the relationship between and among RDFS and the flavors of OWL.

Hackers and Painters

Hackers and Painters Now on the required reading list.

Linking RSS 2.0 and RDF

Simple Semantic Resolution - RSS 2.0 Module How to make a RSS 2.0 document into a RDF document.