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RDF and Oracle Presentation to Hawaii Oracle Users Group

I will be presenting a quick 30 minute talk on RDF and Oracle 10g to the Hawaii Oracle Users Group Tuesday May 9th at 11:30am HST. The meeting's agenda is now available, including directions to the location. There's even a drawing for the Effective Oracle by Design book! I plan to give an overview of RDF and then show how Oracle 10g implements it. The word on parking is: > Parking in lot #1 or #2 (enter one block mauka of Dillingham on Kokea Street, is OK. Tell the parking lot attendant they are attending a function in PCATT and put a handwritten note on the dashboard saying that also. Handicap parking should be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Hope to see you there! Pizza will be served, so come on down.

Identity, Reference, and the Web (IRW2006) Workshop

Identity, Reference, and the Web (IRW2006) Workshop > Our immediate goal for this workshop is to explore the nature of identification and reference on the Web, > building on current work in Web architecture, the Semantic Web, and informal community-based tagging > (folksonomy), as well as current practice in XML and theory in philosophy and linguistics. I've been reading the PDFs and papers that will presented at this workshop, and I'm really gaining a greater understanding for the whole httpRange-14 problem. I've always known it's a problem, but I've brushed it off hoping that it won't affect me in Real Life. However, as RDF is moving more and more into knowledge management arena (and I'm not sure it should go there anyway), the issues of identity are extremely important. At this moment, I'm subscribing to the "It's on the web if it has a URI. Who cares if I can't actually retrieve a representation from the URI?" URI ident

TopBraid Composer

TopBraid Composer is a: > new modeling environment from industry experts for creating and managing Semantic Web ontologies. From the people who brought you Protege OWL editor. Built on Eclipse.