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A More Stable Dart M1

Happy Birthday Dart ! Today the Dart project announced the availability of Dart M1 , our first release since the initial technology preview launch almost a year ago. Hurray! To me, Dart M1 is a signal to developers that the project is stabilizing, and we encourage you to start building libraries and projects. The project isn't yet at 1.0, but this new M1 release contains many more platform features and language updates based on feedback we've received from the community. Now is a very good time to try Dart. More stable language The M1 launch signals that the Dart team is more comfortable with the language and is more confident that the days of fast-paced breaking changes are over. Based on feedback from users and the community, the Dart language evolved from its initial release. As Gilad Bracha, the Dart language spec lead, says, "My favorite part was deleting parts out of the spec." In other words, we added features but we also removed features. You can

9 Dart Myths Debunked

I survived  Addy Osmani's interview and lived to tell the tale. Watch the video below to see Dart myths debunked. Myth 1: Dart is out to replace JavaScript FALSE! Dart provides an option for non-endemic developers to help them be more productive building high-performance apps for the modern web. There are many skilled and productive JavaScript developers, but there are also many many developers familiar with Java, C#, C++, ActionScript, and more. Those developers have certain expectations around their tools and language, and we aim to meet and exceed those expectations. We're building in classes, interfaces, optional static types, lexical scope, optional parameters, generics, and more into the languages. We're building an editor capable of refactoring, quick fixes, static analysis, debugging, and more. Myth 2: It's either Dart OR JavaScript FALSE! Both JavaScript and Dart are technologies that Google believes in and invests in. Google participates i