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Ruby, Rails, OpenID, and Google Integration for the Busy Developer

We're busy developers, you and I, and we want to get back to building our awesome HTML5 app and not muck around too much with user sign in and registration.  There are enough accounts out there, there's no reason why your users need to create a new account identity just for your system.  Let them sign in with an existing account, your users will thank you!!

We're going to learn the bare minimum required to allow your users to use their Google Account to register and sign in to your Ruby on Rails 3 web app.  I think you'll find that it's very easy to add OpenID support for Google Accounts, especially for Rails 3 web apps.
Assumptions: You are building a Ruby on Rails 3 web app.You do not yet have user authentication or registration for your app.  A future article will show you how to add Google OpenID to your authlogic app, but this article is all about starting from scratch.You want your users to use their Google Accounts for their identity.You have a model named User…

The Busy Developer's Guide to Publishing Your App Into the Chrome Web Store

You're busy, I'm busy, let's get right to it.  I'm writing this blog post for a buddy of mine who has an awesome app that would do great in the Chrome Web Store.  He's crazy busy, so he needs the "just tell me what to do" guide, so here we are.

Wait, what, you haven't heard of the Chrome Web Store?  Are you a web developer that writes awesome web apps and wishes there was a great consumer marketplace to distribute and sell your apps?  Yup, that's the Chrome Web Store.  That's what I thought, you want in on this.

We're going to assume you already have your app.  If not, go build an amazing HTML5 app.  I'll wait.

Got your app?  Good, let's go.
Create a Google Account.  You might even have one, and you don't need a GMail account.  This Google Account will be used to publish your app, so you might want to create a role account, not tied to a specific person.Create a directory and name it something like my-app-rocks.Write a manifest …

Lessons Learned from Teaching Ruby on Rails 3


I recently taught a one day class titled Intro to Ruby on Rails 3 at the Pacific New Media school from University of Hawaii.  It was a great learning experience for me, as it was my first full day class teaching anything.

Some lessons learned:

I under-sold the class description, thinking it was an intro class, but in reality it was an intermediate class.  I was assuming the students knew what the Terminal was, or what a relational database is.If there are basic tools required to learn the base material, spend some time explaining these basic tools, even for an intermediate class.Pair programming worked about 50%.  I had the class arrange themselves in a line, from newbie to expert.  This was a great ice breaker, and I used this to group people together.  However, some people wanted to stick with their colleagues.  I saw a lot of people helping each other out and teaching each other, but not everyone is into this format.There was extremely minimal lecture, and everyone appreciate…

Chrome Web Store Resources and Documentation


The Chrome Web Store will launch later this year as a new consumer marketplace to distribute and monetize web apps.  We've collected a great set of resources and documentation to help you get started.

Chrome Web Store developer documentationIntegrating with Chrome Web Store paymentsInstallable Web Apps docsChrome Web Store Image GuidelinesGuidelines for designing web appsChrome Web Store FAQsChrome Web Store apps discussion forumHTML5 StudioWe encourage you to sign up as a Web Store developer and get started.  It will be an easy way to get your great web app in front of the 70+ million active users of Chrome!