How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Semantic Web

ECS EPrints Service - CS AKTive Space: or How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Semantic Web

We present a Semantic Web application that we call CS AKTive Space.
The application exploits a wide range of semantically heterogeneous and distributed
content relating to Computer Science research in the UK. This content is gathered on
a continuous basis using a variety of methods including harvesting and scraping as
well as adopting a range models for content acquisition. The content currently
comprises around five million RDF triples and we have developed storage, retrieval
and maintenance methods to support its management. The content is mediated
through an ontology constructed for the application domain and incorporates
components from other published ontologies. CS AKTive Space supports the
exploration of patterns and implications inherent in the content and exploits a variety
of visualisations and multi dimensional representations. Knowledge services
supported in the application include investigating communities of practice: who is
working, researching or publishing with whom. This work illustrates a number of
substantial challenges for the Semantic Web. These include problems of referential
integrity, tractable inference and interaction support. We review our approaches to
these issues and discuss relevant related work. Socio technical issues are outlined that
are seen to be critical for the success or failure of our endeavour.

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