An External OWL Ontology Creates Order, Promotes Freedom

SemErgence: Comment on Subject metadata to Blog Posts

CaptSolo writes:

Regarding the hard part to make the UI for selecting categories - I think that most blog engines already have UI for entering the blog post categories.

Therefore, instead of adding semantic category to each post and having to create a new UI for that, we may add the semantic meta-information to the existing categories.

This is the route I initially travelled. I have a post that shows how to use OWL to map a blog post that has a particular dc:subject Literal to a OWL Class. For instance, declaring that posts that have a dc:subject of "blogging" are members of the :PostAboutBlogging class.

This leaves each blog owner the freedom to declare any dc:subject they want (literal or Resource) and to use an external OWL ontology to bring some order.

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