It’s more ’sucks’ as in ‘wanted to grab attention’ and ‘could be better’

Raw: I don't think it 'sucks' as in 'blows goats'...

Thanks to Danny Ayers for chiming in. I agree that some of the appeal of Planet RDF is the semi-randomness of the entries. I was trying to bring awareness up for the fact that we have these nice semweb technologies, and a, let's see if we can make them work to our advantage. Danny's filtering would be loose, while my filter would be strict.

Danny also mentioned an RDF Thesaurus, which definitely be better than string matching.

Though, if dc:subject can have an rdfs:range of rdf:Resource, I think we get more sem webbiness out of it.

Maybe I'll check out the code? (sorry, couldn't find a URI for the code)

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