Subject metadata to Blog Posts

SemErgence: How To Make Blogging More SemWeb Friendly

Morten Frederiksen writes:

While it would certainly be nice, I think you'll find that the hardest part of (3) is agreeing on a taxonomy of subjects (or mapping between differing taxonomies). For this reason, something like dmoz:category or yahoo:index might be interesting.

I agree that it would be hard to map all that data. His suggestion of using dmoz and yahoo is great. The easiest thing would be to take any URIs found in the blog post (perhaps via dcterms:references?) and query for them in dmoz or yahoo. Of course, that would only be correct about 5% of the time.

It would be nice, then, to have Movable Type and other blog posting software, to give a quick tree view of dmoz and yahoo. A good blog posting software would save the favorite categories for quick retrieval (a sort of hot subjects collection).

I just upgraded to Movable Type 2.661. I don't believe it's Open Source, but wonder how much I can hack in?

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