Upgraded to MovableType 3.121 and TypeKey

Spent tonight upgrading to MovableType and TypeKey.

I finally got fed up with deleting spam comments, even with MT-Blacklist on. In one day I had over 100 comment spams.

So, with TypeKey, that should all stop. I feel bad for those that want to leave comments, but don't have a TypeKey account, though. Comments are what make blogs interesting (otherwise it's just Soapboxlog). So hopefully TypeKey has critical mass to use.

I've thought about How FOAF and SemWeb can help the blog comment problem before. Not sure if that's relevant anymore. I would hope that all this FOAF and semweb technologies could help to solve this problem.

Anyhoot, looks like we're back in business. I still have FOAF linked to every page. And my RSS 1.0 Feed still has RDF triples describing the comments. I think I need to update it now to include FOAF.

If other blogs included RDF about comments, and their authors, we could get a real trust network going with a context of "allowed to post in blogs".

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