More FlickrRdf

I spent tonight working on the FlickrRdf module. This is decoupled completely from Foafverse now.

FlickrRdf uses the Flickr Services and constructs RDF out of the XML. It sometimes has to combine multiple Flickr API calls to form one cohesive RDF document.

I like the way this has turned out so far. Most of it is implemented with XSLT transformations. I'm caching the XSLT sheet in compiled form, and the end result RDF.

This is a programming exercise as much as a semweb exercise, so progress is slower than normal as I take the time to think about how to implement it. Now that I've nearly implemented everything I want to (with the XML -> RDF stuff) I need to find a place to host it. It's a Java webapp, so not as easy to host as some PHP or the like.

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