Yet Another Sexy Use Case for the Semantic Web

Stumbled on a great semantic web use case from mod-pubsub titled Imagine eBay Without The eBay.

Commerce over the web should be as decentralized as the web itself. In such a world, search engines become more important, and pubsub becomes more important (as buyers and sellers regularly want to publish and subscribe to messages saying "I want to buy this" or "I want to sell this"). There's a very exciting future out there, waiting to be invented...

Take it one step further: one of eBay's nice features is that of trust. You can see the user feedback and trust ratings for a buyer or seller from past transactions. Why does that data have to live only in eBay? Isn't my Amazon Marketplace identity and trust rating equally as important? I should be able to combine the two identities into one identity, and thus build twice as much trust. (btw, I've posted about this scenario before, but I never took it so far as to decentralize the actual buying and selling)

Good use case, thanks mod-pubsub.

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