Spring, Mule, and the ESB

The first talk today from The Spring Experience was Justin Gehtland's Spring, Mule, and the ESB. Justin thought it was going to be attended by only a few people, but instead the room was quite full.

His talk covered what an ESB is (generally speaking, doing a good job not to do too much arm waving), what Mule is (short answer: an ESB container), and how Spring can be used for tasks like Mule configuration and Mule components.

Justin's style is quite good, and I can recommend you check him out if you happen to be at a conference with him. Or, just corner him and yell, "Hey, it's Justin Gehtland!" He loves that.

I've used Mule once, evaluating it for a project. We needed to shuffle files around, uploaded to us via FTP every night. At that time, Mule's support for file based messages was limited, so we didn't end up using the product. I think it was mainly because Mule didn't natively support the universal workaround for file dumps (place a zero-length "I'm Done!" file to indicate file upload is complete).

However, if your system is message based (where message can be email, web services, TCP, or JMS) then take a look at Mule. It provides the container concept to your messaging architecture. It's actively developed and very flexible.

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