Embedding RDF into XHTML

RDF/A Primer 1.0 is an effort to allow embedding RDF into XHTML. To me, this problem of "How do I get my RDF into my web pages?" is only second to creating a friendly RDF XML format. Solve these two problems and you'll immediately see a greater adoption of semantic web technologies.

> RDF/A is a set of attributes used to embed RDF in XHTML. An important goal of RDF/A is to achieve this RDF embedding without repeating existing XHTML content when that content is the metadata. Though RDF/A was initially designed for XHTML2, one should be able to use RDF/A with other XML dialects, e.g. XHTML1, SVG, given proper schema additions.

From what I could see, this is a simple way to add more semantics to your web page. It doesn't appear that the authors explicitly mention how to get the semantics out of the document, though. However, I've never been too fond on GRDDL and it's use of XSLT so hopefully RDF/A will provide an easier metadata extraction technigue.

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