Rails Tests With Fixtures Suddenly Stopped Working From Command Line?

Now, this is a weird one. I'm hoping someone might have a clue as to why this started.

All of my Rails tests work fine in RadRails. However, if I try to run them from the command line via `rake`, they fail. After much searching, turns out that only the tests with fixtures were failing. And after even more investigation, it turns out that the method `setup_with_fixtures` was never being called. This method is defined in `fixtures.rb`, which also aliases the `setup` method to `setup_with_fixtures`.

To get my tests which use fixtures to work again, I had to place a call to `super` inside my test's `setup` method. This kicked off `setup_with_fixtures` just fine.

Now, here's the weird part. This all works without the explicit call to `super` in RadRails. Also, apparently I don't need this call because the builtin generators don't include that call.

So, something is happening in the load order on the command line with is altering the behavior of `setup` in tests.

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