The Semantic Web Will Come, Just Without RDF

It's a relief to hear that Mozilla will add direct support for Microformats into Firefox 3. Through Microformats, you can quite easily markup your XHTML with extra semantics. You can, for example, declare that a particular set of XHTML elements contains a person's address.

Of course, by reading the web page, you'd be able to easily determine if that page contains an address. But can your browser? With direct support for Microformats, it will.

Once your browser understands that an address is present on the web page, you'll be able to easily add it to your address book of choice.

Ah, the dream within a dream. This is data aware browsing, people. If you want Web 2.0 to mean anything other than marketing hype, this is what needs to happen.

Want to try this type of data integration out right now? Give Operator a shot. It extends Firefox 2 to be microformat aware, allowing you to do _actually useful things with microformats_.

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