ActiveWarehouse Gets Some Love

ActiveWarehouse, the Ruby on Rails plugin for data warehouse development, was written up by InfoQ in their article ActiveWarehouse, a New Step for Enterprise Ruby.

I've been writing different aggregation strategies for ActiveWarehouse, trying to find something that's not too slow or cumbersome. ActiveWarehouse supports pluggable aggregation, or rollup, strategies, so you can use what works best for you. We have some very large data sets and very large dimensions (one dimension we have has 215 million rows). So if ActiveWarehouse can eventually handle that, I think we're in good shape.

I can say that ActiveWarehouse will work great if you have a smallish data set. I would say up to a million rows in your dimensions would be big enough. Of course, no matter how much work we put into optimizing ActiveWarehouse's aggregation schemes, smart database tuning will always help tremendously.

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