baetle - Ontology for Software Bugs

baetle is an ontology for software bugs and bug tracking systems. Henry Story has opened the baetle project on Google Code.

baetle is an effort to standardize a view into the software bug tracking world. There are a kazillion bug tracking systems out there. Heck, see for yourself.

So what's a use case for being able to have a consistent view into bugs and issues across all thoses systems? For one, you could query one system just like another system. Another use case might be if your enterprise runs and maintains multiple different bug tracking systems, and you need to query across all of them.

Hmm, sounds like a Data Warehouse, doesn't it? Multiple systems combined and filtered into one cohesive view for reporting and querying. Ontologies allowing for a way to combine and filter all those data sources. SPARQL for all that querying.

So is Ontologies and SPARQL the new ETL?

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