New Server Setup

Thanks to my buddy at Pau Spam, I'm now hosting this blog on my own dedicated box.  I had an old Shuttle PC, so I loaded it up with plenty of Hard Drive space, put Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu optimized for servers) on it, and now I feel free as a nerdy bird.

I want to give a shout out to Pau Spam.  They are a local Hawaiian company offering spam filtering as a service, among other services.  If you need to stop spam from ever seeing your inbox, contact Pau Spam.  Plus, they are really nice guys.

As I was moving my server over from my previous VPS, I realized how many little services or plugins I use.  Setup was a bit slower than I had anticipated, but in the end, fairly quick and easy.

So, a quick list of some of the services that I use:

  • EditDNS - for hosting my DNS.  I could do this myself, but they have a good interface and run multiple DNS servers.  And it's free.

  • PacNames - DNS name registration.  I don't know why I use them, I just always have.

  • Ubuntu Server - Ubuntu.  Server.  Easy.

  • Wordpress - Blog software

  • Feedburner - for tracking feed subscriptions.  Easy, free, and fun to watch the stats.

  • Feedburner Feedsmith plugin for Wordpress - links wordpress feeds to feedburner

OK, back to work!

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