Announcing Whatever Is Fine With Me, The Easiest Friend Polling Site

World, meet Whatever Is Fine With Me. I think you two will really hit it off.

Whatever Is Fine With Me is a easy, quick polling or voting application that you can use to find an answer to a question faster than you can sing the Canadian national anthem.

The site was created after we found it difficult to make ad hoc decisions among our group of friends. Most famous is "where are we going to lunch?" Of course, the most common answer to that is: "whatever is fine with me."

I wanted to create a site that is task focused, fast to use, and with as close to a zero barrier of entry as possible. I am sick of creating accounts on sites, so my first rule was banish account signups. It's still fairly secure, as each page is identified by a very hard to guess URI.

Why use Whatever Is Fine With Me?

  • No login required for you or your friends

  • Extremely fast and easy

  • Totally and completely free

I'd love to hear feedback, please post any comments to the Whatever Is Fine With Me Forums. If enough people begin to use it, I'd be happy to add features.

Some new features I was thinking about or have been suggested:

  • Make "whatever is fine with me" an explicit option when choosing your votes

  • Remember your friend list, so you don't have to type it in multiple times

  • Remember all your past questions

So please give it a shot and I hope it's useful!

(I'm posting this to see if anyone wants to use it. I'm really hoping so, so I can justify spending time on it.)

And while Whatever Is Fine With Me is perfect for asking your friends questions, if you want to ask the world a question, you definitely want to check out Ask 500.

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