Owly is the Cutest Comic Book Perfect for Kids

I have a three year old son, and like any father I think he's the bee's knees.  One of our traditions is to read three stories at bed time.  Naturally, as a big comic book and graphic novel fan myself, I am always on the lookout for graphic novels I can bring to story time.

I can say that without a doubt, I found the best comic book or graphic novel for kids of any age.  My son and I absolutely love the Owly graphic novel series of stories, and if you have a kid, know of any kid, or were ever a kid yourself, then you should fly to your nearest comic book shop and pick up a few of these books.

Owly is an adorable little Owl who lives in the forrest and loves working in his garden.  He lives up in his tree house with his best friend Wormy.  The stories center around simple morals with touching illustratives and characters.

Perhaps the best part of the Owly stories is the complete lack of words.  The entire story is told through illustrations and simple symbols like exclamation points or question marks.  This means that the stories can be enjoyed by any age!

I found that I love to narrate the illustrations, making up the dialog to match the pictures.  I can pace the story myself to match the mood of my son, or relate the plot to recent events in his life.

It's easy to over analyze these stories, as they are as rich as they are accessible.  At their core, the Owly series is about simple life lessons learned by adorable, friendly, and kind characters.

Follow Owly, Wormy, and all their friends as they learn to fly (not being embarrassed and perseverance), be brave (overcoming fears), or through a collection of short stories.

The Owly books are in the rare category of stories I don't mind reading over and over at story time.

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