5 Huge Google IO 2011 HTML5 Talks

(disclaimer: I haven't seen every talk at Google IO this year, there might very well be other huge talks. This is what I've seen and want you to see, too.)

These five talks are going to be huge.  If you are an HTML5 web developer you won't want to miss them.  And don't worry, these talks will be live streamed.

HTML5 and What's Next by Alex Russell and Ian Fette will introduce, well, I don't want to spoil it.  Don't miss it.

Super Browser 2 Turbo HD Remix : Intro to HTML5 Game Development by Seth Ladd will walk you though, from start to finish, how to build a simple HTML5 game.  Also, we'll blow up aliens.

HTML5 Showcase for Web Developers : The Wow and How by Eric Bidelman and Arne Roomann-Kurrik has extremely high production value, awesome demos, and will open your eyes to what's possible in HTML5 now and soon.

Mobile Web Development: From Zero to Hero by Michael Mahemoff and Paul Kinlan take a pragmatic approach as they walk you through building a mobile web app in HTML5.  Mobile is hot hot hot.

Chrome Web Store Publisher Panel by Seth Ladd brings three successful partners together (Springpad, World Golf Tour, and New York Times) to tell their stories of web app development and publishing to the Chrome Web Store.  Learn the differences between a web site and web app, how usage grew, and how to use HTML5's offline features.

All of these talks will be streamed so you can follow along at home.  Each will have a Google Moderator link so you can even ask and vote on Q&A questions.


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