Source code, slides, and video for HTML5 Game Development Talk from Google IO 2011

Google IO 2011 is a wrap!  My first Google IO experience was great, thanks to the team for putting on a professional and fun show.  Many thanks to all of our attendees, you made it awesome.

I've collected the slides, the video, and the source code for Super Browser 2 Turbo HD Remix: An Introduction to HTML5 Game Development.

Session Description:

HTML5 provides the foundation for rich and interactive experiences. Which is great, but we really want to build and play games! Learn the basics of building an HTML5 game and explore the related technologies. We'll write a simple game and give you the tools and techniques to create your own worlds and fun.


The slides for Super Browser 2 Turbo HD Remix: An Intro to HTML5 Game Development are of course written with HTML5. :)

Source Code:

Source code for the demo game, Bad Aliens


If you have 30 seconds, please do leave session feedback so I can improve for next time.

Thanks everyone!

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