Request for Speakers for New Game, Conf for HTML5 Game Devs


We want YOU to speak at the newly announced New Game, the conference for HTML5 game developers, held Nov 1-2, 2011 in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Who can speak?
Anyone building HTML5 games today, or who is connected in some way with making the web the best game platform out there.  If you are passionate about browser based gaming, we want to hear your story!

How do I submit my proposal?
Simply fill out

What's the deadline?
All proposals must be submitted by August 1 at midnight PDT.

What are potential topics?
* debriefs from HTML5 game projects and launches * feature detection (gauging performance of underlying client machine in order to scale application experience) * commerce and issues around billing/DRM/protecting source assets from theft/modding/cheating * debugging/performance profiling tools and how to navigate this new space (anything from JS profiling to things like measuring GPU counters to analyze WebGL shaders) * state of HTML5 support within walled gardens and how that will play out * how HTML5 standards can evolve to support game development (e.g. "DrawImageList" in canvas or equivalent) * the state of WebGL * HTML5 games for Mobile * HTML5 Canvas performance * Web Sockets and networking * Web Audio API * business models (how to make money building HTML5 games) * game frameworks (like Impact) * asset pipelines (e.g. for WebGL, SVG, or in general)

Who is putting on the event?
Bocoup, a JavaScript agency from Boston, is directing the event. Google is sponsoring the event.

What is the theme of the conference?
HTML5 games are here today. I've found the future of gaming, it's in my browser.
Tell me more!
2 days, awesome venue in the heart of San Francisco, 300 passionate game developers, intimate setting, professionally produced conference. New Game is all about building great games in the browser.

How do I get more info?

See you are New Game!

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