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Audioscrobber is a really interesting new project. It attempts to match the music you like with new music you might like. It does this based on matching your listening tastes with other people who share your tastes. At last, the dream is here. Are you listening record companies? Using digital music to increase sales.

64 bit Computing

Introduction to 64 bit Computing Arstechnica has a good overview of 64 bit computing in an x86 world.

Time Zones in MySQL

Trying to figure out the relationship between timezones and MySQL. I'm thinking that MySQL just stores DATETIMEs as raw. That is, I tell it "2002-02-02 08:08:08" and that's it, with no timezone information to it at all. This makes me miss Java and Oracle.

First Post From KungLog

Just testing Kung Log .

SWAD-Europe The SWAD-Europe project aims to support W3C's Semantic Web initiative in Europe, providing targeted research, demonstrations and outreach to ensure Semantic Web technologies move into the mainstream of networked computing.

The TAO of Topic Maps It's subtitle: Finding the Way in the Age of Infoglut. This is one of my main areas of interest. With so much information out there, how does one filter out the useless stuff and absorb the interesting stuff? This is a large question. I think it has a lot to do with trust, which hasn't been touched on with RDF yet. I believe the SWAD-E has to come up with some stuff on that.

Using Topic Maps to Extend Relational Databases Topic Maps have never had the publicity as RDF does. This is probably due to RDF having W3C's blessing. In any case, it's good to start to pick up on what Topic Maps offer.

O’Reilly Weblogs The homepage for all O'Reilly's blogs.

Model Theory Model theory began with the study of formal languages and their interpretations, and the kinds of classification that a particular formal language can make.

Social Meaning of RDF he RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax specification (hereafter, "Concepts") says that an RDF graph ("a set of triples", according to Concepts 3.1) has two kinds of meaning: a formal and a social meaning. The formal meaning of an RDF graph results from applying the RDF semantics , based on model-theoretic semantics, to the graph. But, as both Concepts and the RDF semantics documents suggest, there is another aspect to the meaning of an RDF graph, the social meaning.

Challenges for a Semantic Web Suggestions for a new kind of cultural semantics that is needed in order to reflect the richness of human experience.

SWAD-E Work: Distributed Trust Systems Use Semantic Web technology (RDF, RDF Schema) to describe mechanisms for expressing digital signatures and trust relationships.

Homemade dot Mac Server 2 Part Two.

Homemade dot Mac Server Part One.

OWL Reference The Web Ontology Language OWL is a semantic markup language for publishing and sharing ontologies on the World Wide Web. OWL is developed as a vocabulary extension of RDF (the Resource Description Framework) and is derived from the DAML+OIL Web Ontology Language. This document contains a structured informal description of the full set of OWL language constructs and is meant to serve as a reference for OWL users who want to construct OWL ontologies.

Share iCal Calendars Using WebDAV Continuing my search for useful Mac OS X things.

Web Publishing with a DAMP System The D stands for Darwin. Sample chapter from O'Reilly's Mac OS X in a Nutshell.

Rendezvous Network Services Overview of Programming Redenzvous Network Services.

First post the iBook Now, prepare to become uber productive.