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BNF for rdql.jj The BNF for RDQL.

How Google Beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web

Ftrain: August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web This is the vision.

The Semantic Web

Scientific American: The Semantic Web One of the first articles to show up in the mainstream press. This is the Scientific American article about the Semtantic Web, written by TBL, Jim Hendler, and Ora Lassila.

Swarms and Mobs at This Year’s ETech Swarms and Mobs at This Year's ETech [Apr. 25, 2003] Some thoughts from presentations and experiences from O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference.

Why Use OWL?

Why use OWL? Why Use OWL?

RDF Schema Info

RDF Schema Info A collection of Ontologies nicely indexed.

Quick Introduction to OWL

A Quick Introduction to OWL Showing off what OWL can do.

Introduction to the Semantic Web

Introduction to the Semantic Web and RDF From the article: "The Semantic Web will augment the existing human-readable Web with structured data that's easy for software to process. "

Java Theorem Prover

JTP: An Object Oriented Modular Reasoning System JTP is a forward-chaining inference engine developed for DAML+OIL at Stanford.

Semantic Web Book Books: Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-Driven Knowledge Management

Plone CMS - Welcome to Just something I've got to check out in a bit.

Trust and Security Resource Guide

Semantic Web Trust and Security Resource Guide The security, trust and privacy issues that arise from the vision of the Semantic Web as a global information integration environment are mainly unsolved or even unrecognized. This resource guide collects papers, ontologies, schemata and standards that might be building blocks for a future Semantic Web Trust and Security Framework.

Intro to XQuery Generating XML and HTML using XQuery [Dec. 23, 2002] Introduction to XQuery

Bye Bye Tables

The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot Using CSS to render columns without tables.

XP User Stories

User Stories User Stories in eXtreme Programming.

New Version of CWM

Cwm release of 2003-04-08 - Datatypes and math: and time: New version of CWM, integrating new math: and time: functionality.


URI.NET URI and especially URN. An attempt to make URNs dereferenceable. Why not just use a URI?

Introducing N-Triples

Thinking XML: Introducing N-Triples RDF/XML isn't the only representation of an RDF model. The W3C developed N-Triples, a format for an RDF representation that is especially suited for test suites. Here, Uche Ogbuji introduces N-Triples using examples converted from RDF/XML.

General CSS

Guide to Cascading Style Sheets General CSS Links.

Practical CSS Layout

Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks and Techniques

CSS Layout Techniques : CSS layout techniques Attempting the dream: tableless layout!

OWL Last Call Drafts

OWL Last Call Working Drafts Published The Web Ontology Working Group has released six Working Drafts, five in Last Call, for the OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0, including the OWL Guide, Overview, Use Cases and Requirements, Semantics and Abstract Syntax, Reference, and Test Cases. Comments are welcome through 9 May. OWL is used to publish and share sets of terms called ontologies, providing advanced Web search, software agents and knowledge management.

Too True

Migrating to Linux not easy for Windows users - April 4, 2003 Bow down to my SUPERIOR LUNIX!

Apache Modeling Project

The Apache Modelling Project Nice diagrams and text on how the Apache web server works.

2003/03/26 WebArch Draft

Architecture of the World Wide Web The 2003/03/26 Web Architecture draft. Trying to explain how and why the web works the way it does.


Hydra Multi user text editing through rendezvous. Very cool for pair programming.

RDFS Tutorial

RDF Schema Tutorial Great set of powerpoints on RDF Schema.

RDF Tutorial

RDF Tutorial Great powerpoint slides on RDF.

OWL Tutorial

OWL Tutorial Very good set of powerpoint slides giving tutorial of OWL.

Safari Bookmarklets Working

Antipixel | Blog | Help with Bookmarklets How to get bookmarklets working in Safari. Props to CEO for showing me the light.