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Running Dart in the Cloud with Heroku

[EDIT: Updated on 2014-10-11] Dart , the new programming language for modern web apps, certainly compiles to JavaScript. Did you know that Dart also runs on the server as well? Thanks to Heroku's support for third-party runtimes, you can now run your server-side Dart app on Heroku 's cloud. Read on to learn how. (Disclaimer: Even though Heroku can host arbitrary runtimes, they don't officially support the Dart runtime.) Dart for modern web apps Dart is a class based, single inheritance, object-oriented, optionally typed language that is built to help developers of many backgrounds build awesome modern web apps. Most importantly, Dart compiles to JavaScript so that your Dart apps can run all over the web. Dart is familiar to JavaScript, Java, C, C++, and C# developers. There's even bits of Smalltalk in there. While it has a syntax that is instantly recognizable, it also has cool new features like optional static types and isolates . Check out the Dart langua