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Great Pumpkin Carvings

Great pumpkin carvings.


Cheetah Users' Guide Cheetah is a Python-powered template engine and code generator. It may be used as a standalone utility or combined with other tools. Cheetah has many potential uses, but web developers looking for a viable alternative to ASP, JSP, PHP and PSP are expected to be its principle user group. Not as cool as Smarty , but then again, what is?

iChat AV For Windows?

Mac Rumors: The Future of iChat AV? According to an unconfirmed Page 2 rumor, there are some claims that iChat AV will make its way to Windows. Yes! Yes! I could finally use my iSight!

Country and US States in SQL

Country Name and ISO 3166 Code MySQL Import File Country Name and ISO 3166 Code MySQL Import File

The iPim

O'Reilly Network: The inter-personal information manager (iPim) [Oct. 28, 2003] This iPim has seven key functions: search, save, organize, share, publish, play and transact. I love software like this. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but these are worthy goals