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Compile-time dead code elimination with dart2js

Right before the release of Dart 1.0, the Dart team snuck in a cool new feature that helps you optimize the generated JavaScript from your Dart apps. Configuration values from the environment can be evaluated at compile time and potentially result in dead code elimination. Smaller code is faster code! As an example, let's consider the common case of logging. Debug logging is a useful tool during development and testing, but often there's no need to ship production code with debug log statements. Wouldn't it be cool if you could remove all the debug log statements before you ship to production, without having to manually delete any lines of code? Now with Dart and fromEnvironment , you can! Here is a small example of a log function that is useful during development, but unnecessary during production. If a DEBUG is set, the log message is printed. The code gets the compile-time constant value from the  String.fromEnvironment() constructor . Notice the const  qualifier, in