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Text* Snippets: Add all new files to Subversion [awk] [grep] [svn] [subversion] (tags: subversion )

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YouTube - Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us (tags: web2.0 video )

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Tom ten Thij's homepage: RSpec plain text story runner on a fresh rails app (tags: rubyonrails testing )

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Some thoughts on resources, information resources and representations (tags: semanticweb )

This Post Is Ambiguous

When was the last time you had an unambiguous discussion? In which Roy Fielding asks why the Semantic Web has a requirement that URIs identify a resource unambiguously? I believe the whole attempt to make a distinction between a "document" and a "non-information resource" is just way too complicated for most users. All this business of redirecting the client from the non-information resource to a document that describes the resource seems like a hack. I understand the problem (does the URI refer to the Thing or the Document About The Thing?) and it's complicated. Take the link I used to point you, the loyal reader, to more information about Roy Fielding. I used which is some home page for Roy. Is that link pointing to The Man or The Home Page? My answer? Both. And the semantic web needs to deal with that unambiguity. As far as I can tell, it can. Since anyone can publish metadata about anything on the web, there's

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ONLINE BUSINESS TOOLBOX: 230+ Tools for Running a Business Online (tags: snb business ) How I Explained REST to My Wife (tags: web rest ) Restful Authentication with all the bells and whistles (updated 2/21) - Rails Forum - Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forum (tags: rubyonrails rest openid authentication )

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Venture Capital Wear » You Know What They Say (tags: humor )

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Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook RoR App | High Scalability (tags: rubyonrails scaling snb ) Quick Intro to RDF (tags: semanticweb rdf ) Coding Horror: The Ultimate Unit Test Failure When users can't figure out how to use your app, when users pass over your app in favor of something easier or simpler to use, that's the ultimate unit test failure. (tags: usability design snb )

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How to publish Linked Data on the Web (tags: semanticweb data )

links for 2008-02-15 | ecards for when you care enough to hit send | home (tags: humor cards )

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Complex Diagrams » Generation of Complex Diagrams: How to Make Lasagna Instead of Spaghetti (tags: graphics data visualization graphs diagrams )

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blueprintcss - Google Code (tags: css ) Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda - New York Times (tags: health ) Forget Excel: 14 Online Spreadsheet Applications (tags: spreadsheet brainstorming ) Mike Davidson - sIFR A way to add fancy fonts to web pages without sacrificing accessibility or SEO. (tags: fonts web )

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FriendFeed Funnel Feeds From Friends Forcing a Full Frontal Fact Forary (tags: web2.0 )

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Apple - Support - Discussions - Font not loading in Leopord - Stumper ... how to fix fonts that don't load in leopard. trying now. (tags: mac fonts ) Font Book Dilemma—Enlighten me please [Archive] - (tags: fonts mac )

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SOA Facts (tags: humor programming )

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Nimble Method: Garbage Collection is Why Ruby on Rails is Slow: Patches to Improve Performance 5x; Memory Profiling Speed up Rails by reducing memory allocation, thus reducing GC time. (tags: rubyonrails )