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Formatting Dart code before every git commit

Dart 's dartfmt tool is a really neat utility to automatically format your code. Use the dartfmt tool in your workflow to ensure your code complies with the Dart style guide . Of course, you don't want to manually run dartfmt. Instead, you want to automate it. Use git's pre-commit hook to ensure your code is formatted, before it is committed. Add the following code to your . git/hooks/pre-commit script for your local repo, and make sure the script is executable. #!/bin/bash DARTFMT_OUTPUT=`dartfmt -w . | grep Formatted` if [ -n "$DARTFMT_OUTPUT" ]; then   echo $DARTFMT_OUTPUT   echo "Re-attempt commit."   exit 1 else   echo "All Dart files formatted correctly. Yay!"   exit 0 fi If your code needs formatting, it will be formatted and written to disk. The commit will fail, so you have a chance to inspect the changes. You can enforce formatting with your Continuous Integration system. Try these instructions