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Aloha on Rails Debrief

Aloha, I wanted to drop some knowledge in the hopes that it might help others with their own conference. Here's what I learned from putting on Aloha on Rails : * People wait until the last minute to sign up. I thought I knew what this meant, but it's quite literal. Certainly, people signed up with the early bird discounts, but I had signups all the way through the end. * I sent out marketing "care packages" to user groups (including posters and hawaiian chocolates), however I don't get the sense this actually helped with registrations. * Oddly enough, a lot of my marketing was through Twitter. * I did exchange sponsorship for advertising with Ruby Row, and I know that some people signed up because of those ads. * I invested a lot in hiring and working with a professional Design firm ( This helped make the conference look professional and legitimate. I can't stress the importance of having a professional firm han

Featured TechHui Techie for November

Aloha! I'm humbled to be November's Featured Techie on TechHui , the Hawaii Technology Community. Thanks to Alex for the interview, and to Dan for putting together TechHui. It's great to see our island foster a vibrant community.