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RDF Forms The Semantic Web is currently missing two key features of the hypermedia application model which are prevalent on the browser based Web; the ability to declare the intent of a resource to receive data for processing, and the ability to use data as arguments in the client-side construction of a URI. RDF Forms addresses these two needs in a manner similar to how HTML forms addresses them for the current Web. Not sure why the SemWeb needs a graph of POST data. Why not just POST a graph of RDF triples raw?

Semantic Weblogs in RDF

Dave Beckett - Journalblog: September 2003 Archives Dave Beckett has now made an Semantic Weblogs in RDF page which can be linked into the semantic web or used for crawling and browsing. This is my first blog post since moving to Hawaii. I think I'm back in the groove, and am jumping back into SemWeb with two feet.


CVSToys CVSToys is a collection of companion tools for the Concurrent Versions System, better known as CVS. The biggest best and only toy we've got is Fresh CVS, a commit monitoring daemon which can keep a mirror of the repository or checked-out working copy up to date, and send out notifications by e-mail, on the web as HTML or RSS, or to a chat service such as IRC.