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Slides for Google App Engine Presentation

Aloha, Today I had the pleasure of presenting an overview of Google App Engine to my former company. I want to thank them for taking time out of their busy day to let me talk story. I've published the slides for reference. I hope they are useful to others evaluating App Engine. As a Developer Advocate for Google, much of my job is helping developers and organizations become successful with Google's products and technologies. Today's presentation was great practice, and I learned a few tricks. If it's a lunch-and-learn, go ahead and start presenting while the team is eating. No need to scarf down your food so you can begin presenting. Test the laptop/projector connections before you start! At the beginning, ask the team what their background is and what their current pain points are. This helps to frame the conversation. Meet with the Director of Development, or the person that invited you, to ensure that you cover the material most interesting to the aud

Teaching a One Day Intro to Rails 3 Class at University of Hawaii

Aloha! The University of Hawaii Pacific New Media Outreach College has just posted the details for my one day Intro to Ruby on Rails 3 course . It's a limited class size, so if you are interested, don't hesitate and sign up today! No computer necessary, as the facilities will provide all the computers, network, and software required to build and deploy a working Ruby on Rails application. This is an introductory course, designed for those students that are comfortable with their computers and willing to learn some very basic programming. However, students need not have any prior programming experience. My goal is to get your comfortable with the technology and to have a lot of fun. Therefore, we will be results focused and will ensure that you have a working application live on the internet before the end of the day! To get a head start, I recommend checking out: Also, I'll be teaching an HTML5 class for the fall semester. Stay tuned for more details on t