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Suggested Upper Merged Ontology

Suggested Upper Merged Ontology This site contains information about the SUMO (Suggested Upper Merged Ontology). This ontology is being created as part of the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology Working Group. The goal of this Working Group is to develop a standard upper ontology that will promote data interoperability, information search and retrieval, automated inferencing, and natural language processing.

Semantic Web Calendar Agent

Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Agent Homepage The Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Agent provides interoperability between RDF based calendar descriptions on the web, and Personal Information Manager (PIM) Systems such as Microsoft's Outlook. Schedules and events can be described on the web in RDF, using existing ontologies such as the Hybrid iCal-like RDF Schema or the Dublin Core ontology, and linked to individual's contact information described, for example, at their home page. The Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Agent, consists of a Distributed Meeting Scheduling Engine and the RETSINA Semantic Web Calendar Parser. The agent assists in organising and scheduling meetings between several individuals, and coordinates these based on existing schedules maintained by MS Outlook.

RDF Data Objects

Tech Report: HPL-2002-315: RDF Objects The Semantic Web is growing in both size and complexity, with the number of data sources and vocabularies both increasing. This report shows how large RDF databases can be accessed in smaller, more manageable chunks, known as RDF Objects. RDF Objects encapsulate compound data structures, giving applications a more granular view of a database

Science and the Semantic Web

Science and the Semantic Web

Top Levels of KR Ontology

Top-Level Categories This web page summarizes the top levels of the KR Ontology, which is defined in the book Knowledge Representation by John F. Sowa.

Rule Markup Initiative

RuleML Homepage The Rule Markup Initiative has taken initial steps towards defining a shared Rule Markup Language (RuleML), permitting both forward (bottom-up) and backward (top-down) rules in XML for deduction, rewriting, and further inferential-transformational tasks.

Creating OWL-Enhanced Applications

Creating OWL-Enhanced Short tutorial on how to enhance your applications using information contained in an OWL document.

Adenine Language with native RDF support

RDF Interest Group IRC Scratchpad, last cranked at 2003-06-03 23:45 From the haystack people at MIT.