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Linux and Business BusinessWeek takes a look at Linux.

New Version of MovableType

MovableType is up to 2.62. I hope it's easy to upgrade.

XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO In the never ending battle to make X purdy.

W3C ACL System This document describes the ACL storage and query mechanisms used by W3C, as well as the availability and use of this data on the semantic web.

XML 2002 Conference Proceedings Papers from the XML 2002 conference.

Fabulous fonts in Linux One of the more common disappointments reported about the Linux GUI is clunky fonts under X. While it's true that they can look pretty rough out of the box, it's also true that sharpening them up is easy and well worth the effort, thanks to MS TrueType fonts and the open-source FreeType project which makes them useable on Linux.

Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development The approach an organization takes to Software Configuration Management (SCM) can significantly affect the quality and timeliness with which a software product is developed. By SCM, we essentially mean the process of identifying, organizing, controlling, and tracking both the decomposition and recomposition of: software system structure, functionality, evolution, and teamwork.

Samizdat Samizdat is a generic RDF-based engine for building collaboration and open publishing web sites. Samizdat builds its underlying data model on RDF (Resource Description Framework), and defines a schema of resource classes and properties for core concepts of a Samizdat site: member, message, thread, tag, proposition, vote, version, part, and so on (see Concepts document).

Become Your Own CA Become your own Certificate Authority, and sign your own - or others' - SSL certificates.

Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities,3959,863414,00.asp The Open Web Application Security Project, a collaborative security education site, has released a list of the top 10 vulnerabilities in Web applications. The list, at, is clearly written and full of real problems

Exception Handling Rules Some rules to consider when handling exceptions in Java.

JGraph Graph visualization and manipulation as a Swing component.

Forward chaining reasoning Short little explanation w/ Java example code. Plop RDF on top and we're rolling.

Commercial Inference Engine Great quote from homepage: "Semantic differences, remain the primary roadblock to smooth application integration, one which Web Services alone won't overcome. Until someone finds a way for applications to understand each other, the effect of Web services technology will be fairly limited. When I pass customer data across [the Web] in a certain format using a Web Services interface, the receiving program has to know what that format is. You have to agree on what the business objects look like. And no one has come up with a feasible way to work that out yet -- not Oracle, and not its competitors..." -- Larry Ellison

Survey of RDF Query and Storage Systems PDF giving overview of different RDF query solutions. From April 2002.

RDF Query and Rule Use Cases and Examples Lots of use cases and examples of their solution in many different RDF query languages.

RDQL Grammar The BNF for the grammar for RDQL, the RDF Query Language.

SemWeb in Science Use the Full Text link to get at the whole article.

So the question now becomes should we spend the rest of the time setting this up or finishing the code we wrote? J2EE Certificate Authority.

Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition The bible for data structures an Algs.

Deep Linking in the WWW This document is designed to provide input to this discussion based on the architecture of the underlying technology.