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Web 2.0 Can Be Dangerous (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) (tags: web2.0 )

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One Hell of a Cheers (tags: beer humor )

Information Does Not Exist

"We proffer an epistemological, ontological, and ecumenical analysis of the informatics zeitgeist surrounding librarians and so-called information scientists. A fuzzy systems tautomerism and transformative hermeneutic lexiae with stemming metadata shows that behind an axiometric normalization of mutually reinforcing moieties, institutionalized metaphors, and naïve liturgical dogmas lies nothing more than gormandized aphorisms and pseudoscientific quanta. This endemic helix permeates the koans of nacirema determinates and quidditative paradigms alike. The operationalized gestalt is collapsed, as with its photonic counterpart, via an interaction among the cromulent a priori of epiphenomenal knowledge management and the parsimonious lorem ipsum of atomistic artificial intelligence and its ilk. Neither the nascent yet positivist hyperliteracy movement nor the transactive pedagogical convergence of jingoistic multiliteracies possess the constituent wherewithal for explicating the exist

XKCD Keeps Me Laughing

Sometimes, you need a good laugh. Try XKCD for your humor needs. Here are some good ones, in no particular order: Appropriate Term Tape Measure Facebook Boom Box Commitment Not Really Into Pokeman Dating Service Network 90's Flowchart Couple Mattress Shopping Teams Cat Proximity Yes, I've been reading a lot of XKCD tonight. I have no problems with that. My chores are done.

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Glassbooth - Quiz to help you choose best 2008 presidential candidate (tags: politics )

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Sam Ruby: Atom as Registry / Repository AtomPub to rule them all. (tags: atom )

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thesixtyone - a music adventure (tags: music )

iTunes Store, It Was Fun While It Lasted

I just purchased my first album from the Amazon MP3 store, and that was the beginning of the end for me and iTunes Music Store. At Amazon, you can purchase regular old MP3's without any DRM for the same price or cheaper than iTunes. Who wouldn't want that? I'm not about stealing music, but the fact that I can now play my MP3 on any system just flat out beats the iTunes DRM experience of iPods only. Open systems, in this case MP3, win every time. So iTunes, are you listening? Get with the non-DRM game or fall by the wayside. Your experience is good and your selection excellent, but if Amazon has the music I'm looking for in stock, you can bet I'm going to shop there.

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YouTube - RDFa Basics How to embed RDF into HTML. (tags: rdf semanticweb )

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Steve: Developing on the Edge - Farms, Fabrics and Clouds Farms, Fabrics and Clouds (tags: servers deployment ) The Mythical 5% You'll need to make a lot of mistakes in order to figure things out. So be humble, and keep asking questions. (tags: programming )