Add dc:references to RSS, Help The World

SemErgence: How To Make Blogging More SemWeb Friendly
Kasei writes:

While the dcterms:references might be easily obtainable from the HTML, I don't see any reason to make people parse the HTML over and over again, when it could easily be done once, and be immediately available as RDF. So here's a Movable Type plugin which does just that; just drop the tag into the RSS 1.0 template.

Thanks kansei! This is great. I'll add this in tonight.

If people do this, it'll make semweb applications that compile and operate on Resources that people are blogging about much easier. How does the semantic web community evangelize movements such as this? My guess would be to get the tool manufacturers to agree to modify their templates. Most blog owners wouldn't know how to manipulate their blog backend.

There is a Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group from the W3. Maybe I'll talk to them about ideas for help.

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