Hacking MovableType, Here I Come

movabletype.org : FAQ

Q: May I modify the Movable Type source code?
A: Yes, as long as you do not redistribute the modified code without permission. In addition, if you modify any of the code and feel that your changes would be useful to all Movable Type users, we encourage you to make your work available to the community of users by sharing it on the independent plug-ins site, http://www.mt-plugins.org.

Looks like Six Apart doesn't mind too much if we hack Movable Type. Sounds good to me. I think we have enough ideas to keep us busy.

I think first up will be to include dmoz and/or yahoo category forests as selectable Categories. The modification of the RSS template to include the dmoz URI as a rdf:resource of dc:subject will be next. If I can do all that as a plugin, then all the better!

Oh, and I'm focusing on Movable Type because that seems to be pretty popular.

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