Testing Comments in RSS

I found a Blog Comments Module for RSS, so I've hacked it into my Movable Type's index.rdf generation. My index.rdf is still RSS 1.0 (RDF).

First, I put this block in my template:

rdf:resource="mailto:<$MTCommentEmail spam_protect="0"$>"/>
<![CDATA[<$MTCommentBody convert_breaks="0"$>]]>

Next up, I will add a smidge of OWL to say that a blogcomments:email is the sameAs foaf:mbox.

Then, the next simple step is to get everyone in the world doing this! Remember, if you add this into your index.rdf for your blog, then trust web authorization services can be built. If you assume that those that comment spam is deleted, the mere fact that posts exist out on the web by an authenticated user must be a good sign.

While the world is updating their blogs to include these new triples, and gearing up for TypeKey, the semweb community can start building the authorization service.

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