Better FOAF For Flickr

After some advise from Danny and Phil, I've reworked the Flickr FOAF a bit. I've had to pull info from three different URIs (including their Flickr Services) to assemble this FOAF.

FOAF for Flickr User Seth Ladd

The major new differences:

  • nick

  • name

  • complicated, but accurate, link to user's Flickr homepage. This is now a IFP

  • more links to Flickr and its homepages

  • no rdf:about for the actual foaf:Person Resource. Is this correct?

  • foaf:PersonalProfileDocument elements to link to other FOAF

Wish I had access to the emails, or at least the mbox_sha1sums, to add yet another IFP. So far we have just Flickr's Profile page, but foaf:nick isn't too bad.

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