Danny Read My Mind

Danny Responds to Flickr FOAF

Danny read my mind. I was wondering how best to say, in FOAF, "This is a person, who has a homepage at Flickr". I didn't want the object of the <foaf:Person> statement to be the URI to the Flickr User's homepage. Then it makes it sound like the homepage is a Person.

Danny thought outloud:

Person serviceID _:x
_: service http://flickr.org
_: serviceName "flickr"
_: identifier uri

So, the question is... what is the object in the statement for <foaf:Person>? A URI to a person? Do people have URIs? Or just to a resource that represents the person? In which case, the Flickr profile page would be good enough. And, luckily, through some OWL and mbox_sha1sum, we can uniquely identify the person regardless of their URIs.

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