Looking for a New Blog System

I received word that my current blog setup can't take comments (of any type) or apparently TrackBacks. sigh. In my quest to rid spam in my blog comments, I managed to kill discourse. Hope that's not an omen!

I think it's time to upgrade this blog system. Any suggestions? Not that my comments system will allow feedback. :(

My requirements:

  • A wiki-esque input system, to rid myself of typing tags.

  • Good SemWeb Support: FOAF and RDF of everything.
  • Good Spam Filtering

  • The usual: comments, trackback, categories, etc

  • Simple Setup

  • Import of all my current MovableType posts

In the meantime, off to fix comments for the non-spammy.

UPDATE: I removed the uber-greedy spam filter regex that was causing the problems. Because emails are required, they were setting off the alaram. Good thing I'm in Hawaii, where we love Spam.

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