Spring 2.0 Jar Missing Hibernate Classes

From Craig Walls, explaining what happened to Spring's Hibernate classes in the latest Spring 2.0 M1 release:

> I stopped Rob, Rod, and Juergen in the lobby on the last day of TSE and asked the same question. It seems that Juergen has split out most of the vendor-specific ORM stuff into independent JARs (spring-hibernate.jar or spring-hibernate3.jar for instance). It's my understanding that the decision was made because (1) the main JAR was getting quite large and (2)
Hibernate/iBATIS/OJB/etc-specific stuff is not central to Spring and thus should not be in the main JAR.

> So, yes, from a JAR dependency perspective, backwards compatibility is broken. But fixing it is simply a matter of including an addition JAR file in the classpath. Code-wise, backwards compatibility is still intact.

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