The Spring Experience Keynote

We're here at The Spring Experience keynote, given by Rod Johnson. It's Wednesday evening, and dinner has finished up.  The approx. count for attendance is 275, not a bad number.

His talk is titled Spring Today and Tomorrow.  Spring is “the most powerful technology for enabling POJO-based application development.”  The majority of Interface 21’s clients are in the backing sector.

The framework is released in Feb 03 as open source, released as Spring 1.0M1 in Aug 03, and finally 1.0 Mar 04.  Spring 1.1 arrives in Sept 04, 1.2 in May 05, and Spring 2.0 M1 is released at The Spring Experience.

New features of Spring 2.0 includes:

  • Bean Scoping

  • CommonJ timer manager

  • Portlet MVC

  • Message-driven POJOs

  • Configuration simplification (XML or Java code)

  • SimpleJdbcTemplate – Java 5 features

Still committed to Java 1.3.

Coming up, what will get better?

  • Configuration can become simplified – Use XML namespaces, XML schema to reduce code, use custom domain specific tags, and better IDE integration.

  • Closer integration of Spring AOP and AspectJ.  Spring AOP gains AspectJ pointcut expression language, also gains the @AspectJ syntax.  AspectJ gains Spring DI, for instance to DI domain objects.

Spring serves two communities: conservative users and early adopters.

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