OWL Consistency Checking

ConsVISor is a nice web service that can check an OWL ontology (with individuals) for consistency. It displays any errors with easy to read non-technical-jargon sentences. I've been trying to find a workflow where I can test a set of individuals against an ontology to see where the inconsistencies are, and this tool is the best so far for reporting any problems.

FaCT++, via Protege, doesn't seem to provide any error messages. It does fail, though (correctly). Can't figure out how to get it to tell me what and where the problem is.

Pellet, via their online demo, seems to work. However, the error messages are cryptic and seemingly misleading. I'm assuming they are correct, however they would never lead the lay-person to the real problem.

Anyone else using OWL for consistency checking across individuals? What tool are you using? Can it provide useful error messages?

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