Pellet 1.3 Available

Pellet, an open source OWL reasoner from Mindswap, is now at version 1.3. It is a very capable reasoner, and has excellent integration with Jena.

Below is a list of changes for 1.3:

* ENHANCED: SPARQL query engine PelletQueryExecution tu answer non-SELECT queries

* ADDED: Processing class expressions in SPARQL queries

* ADDED: Treating bnodes in SPARQL queries as non-distinguished variables

* ADDED: Query optimization features (simplification and reordering). Reordering feature is
disabled by default and needs to be enabled in the configuration file.

* ENHANCED: Datatype reasoning support for user-defined datatypes

* ADDED: Support for InverseFunctional datatype properties (a.k.a. keys). (experimental)

* ADDED: Support for DL-safe rules (experimental)

* ENHANCED: Pellet command line options

* ENHANCED: More configuration parameters in

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